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Supply Check™ for managing crash carts and remote inventory. Track inventory. Improve patient safety.

Responsive Design

This system works on all devices. Load it up on your phone, iPad, or PC. The system reacts to all screen sizes.

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Designed to Simplify

Every aspect of this system was designed to help simplify the management of products within your facility. This includes tracking crash cart locations, medication expiration dates, and medication lot numbers.

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System Features can be accessed anywhere in the world. This means that no matter where you are within your facility, you can access your personal database to check and update medication expiration dates. There is no need to travel back to the pharmacy department in order to update your med expiration dates.

Never Have Expired Products

Our system eliminates the accidental expiration of products. Automated email notifications allow for effortless product expiration date compliancy.

Patient Safety

Ability to assure proper vial size/dosage (infant/pediatric areas) by NDC. Additionally, MCC helps eliminate the risk that an expired product will be delivered to a patient.

Templates for Crash Carts...

Templates for Crash Carts provide Clinical Consistency through standard items, vial sizes, and location in cart through the facility.

Organized Reporting

RIMS provides organized reports for preventing products from expiring and analyzing emergency cart usage.

Location Tracking

Ability to locate recalled products quickly, regardless of location in the health system.

Cost Reduction

By automating many of the tasks associated with managing crash carts and emergency boxes along with the savings resulted from products not expiring, the system pays for itself.

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Easy Availability

Because we are cloud based, there is no software to install. We do all data backups. You get unlimited usage and updates are free.

PC / Laptop

Most popular. Access our system from any PC / Laptop that has internet access.

Tablet / Ipad

Why be tied down with cords and a giant PC? Some systems go wireless and symply use a tablet or Ipad.

Cell Phone

For simple changes, many folks just make the changes on their cell phone.


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30 Day Usage


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